Communication challenges are a consistent theme in my work with clients. This is especially true when it comes to issues of conflict and escalated emotions.

The greater the attachment to a desired outcome the higher risk of relational and emotional damage within the communication process.

To assist my clients with this critical task of healthy communication I created the Parrot Detective Repair Healthy Communication Model.

There are some friendly faces within this model – a parrot, a detective, and a penguin. These characters operate on a playing field that is made up of three levels – green, yellow, and red. The green level is emotionally safe while the yellow level involves higher emotional risk. The red level is a place to stop, retreat, hold the issue, and engage at a later time.

My clients have had lots of success implementing this model and it is just one of the many tools I use to promote healthy relationships in my psychotherapy and coaching practice. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about improving your emotional intelligence and relationships.  If you would like to download my Parrot Detective Repair Healthy Communication Model you can find it here:  Parrot Detective Repair Healthy Communication Model