Conflict & Negotiation

Conflicts are at the core of all wounded relationships. Whether it’s marital discord, affairs, parenting, or even co-occurring disorders like Asperger’s conflict is central to relationship disconnect.

Integrative Dynamics

Integrative Dynamics goes beyond collaborative resolution and addresses emotions as well as identity. Integrating the rational, emotional, and identity elements of each person offers a much greater chance of success at resolving conflicts.

The Essential Principles

The essential principles of integrative dynamics drive Dr. Thomas’ work and should be part of your reconciliation and healing of wounded relationships:

  1. Reconciliation is a choice – no one can force it but it’s well worth the effort.
  2. Small changes can make a big difference – each fight you resolve in a productive manner has ripple effects not only in your relationship but in the world. This is the ripple effect of reconciliation. You are making the world a better place by reconciling your conflicts.
  3. Don’t wait – internal resistance is the greatest obstacle to peace. Ask yourself what can I do now to bring this conflict one step closer to resolution.

Invest in Your Relationship

When looking at investing in things that matter, ask yourself what’s more important than your intimate relationship?  Just like material things, we need to invest in ourselves and our relationships.  In the end these are the things that matter.

Couples Specialist

Dr. Thomas has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples to resolve conflicts and move to a place of harmony and well-being.  When you are looking for help with couples therapy or coaching it is critical that you work with a therapist or coach that understands the differences between couples and individual work.  Dr. Thomas is a couples therapy and coaching specialist.

Get Help Sooner than Later

Couples therapy or coaching can be life changing.  You owe it yourself, your partner, your family, and your community to work on the loving relationship which you intended from the beginning.  Contact Dr. Thomas for a consultation to learn how you can transform your relationship into one that grows and thrives.

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