Private Couples Retreats

Private Couples Retreats offer an opportunity for rapid change that is derived from a deep experience of connection and discovery over an extended period of time.  The increased focus on growth during a retreat is designed to empower couples in a way that dispersed sessions cannot.

Private Couples Retreats are beneficial in many situations but especially when:

  • A specific issue (such as communication) needs to be addressed and is better treated with a short-term process than longer term therapy or coaching
  • Duration or severity of problems is high
  • An acute crisis has recently been experienced such as infidelity or a trauma
  • Mental health conditions exist such as Asperger’s, addiction, or mood disorders
  • Life stressors are high such as parenting challenges, extended family difficulties, financial problems, loss of loved ones, or medical problems

In cases like these retreats can move the process of healing along much faster than long term individual sessions alone.  When combined with individual sessions they can jump start the process in a way that offers a profound sense of hope and increased motivation.  The extended time that retreats offer builds a deeper bond between the therapist or coach and couple as well.  This bond quickly creates a place of safety where the necessary vulnerability can occur to facilitate healing.

Retreat Types & Content

Private Couples Retreats draw from the same core content in the Relationship Growth Program that individual couples sessions use.  A list of topics for all retreats can be found here.  There are 3 types of retreats: Communication Restart, Intimacy Builder, and Relationship ReVision. Because every couple is unique, a custom treatment plan is developed by integrating your needs and the retreat type with the topics listed in the Relationship Growth Program.

In addition to therapy, coaching, and education all retreats include experiences that promote creative expression, movement, and introspection. The following activities are chosen based on your abilities and preferences:

  • Reflection: beach walks, written or artistic journal time
  • Shared Rituals: mindfulness exercises, yoga, meditation, prayer
  • Activities: hiking, cycling, swimming


There are 3 options for the location of your retreat. All logistics for the retreat will be handled by Dr. Thomas. Select the type of retreat you would like and the location.  You pay one fee and focus on your relationship – Dr. Thomas does the rest.

Santa Cruz, California

Villa Maria del Mar Retreat Center

Half Moon Bay, California

Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Resort

Your Destination

This could be your hometown or a vacation destination of your choice

Fees & Insurance

Health insurance may cover part of your retreat. Dr. Thomas can help you with general insurance questions while contacting your insurance provider can give you specific plan benefits for psychotherapy and coaching.

Fees for each type of retreat are listed below. Lodging and travel expenses are additional and dependent upon location and choice of lodging.

Psychotherapy and Coaching

Psychotherapy and coaching can be life changing.  Contact Dr. Thomas for a free consultation to learn how you can move from your challenges to a path of growth and transformation.

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