Couples Care Intensives

Couples Care Intensives offer an opportunity for rapid change that is derived from a deep experience of connection and discovery over an extended period of time.  The increased focus on growth during an intensive is designed to empower couples in a way that dispersed sessions cannot.

Couples Care Intensives are beneficial in many situations but especially when:

  • Severity of problems is high
  • Duration of problems is lengthy
  • An acute crisis has recently been experienced such as infidelity or a trauma
  • Mental health conditions exist such as Asperger’s, addiction, or mood disorders
  • Life stressors are high such as parenting challenges, extended family difficulties, financial problems, loss of loved ones, or medical problems

In cases like these intensives can move the process of healing along much faster than long term individual sessions alone.  When combined with individual sessions they can jump start the process in a way that offers a profound sense of hope and increased motivation.  The extended time that intensives offer builds a deeper bond between the therapist and couple as well.  This bond quickly creates a place of safety where the necessary vulnerability can occur to facilitate healing.

Structure and Format

Couples Care Intensives draw from the same core content that individual couples sessions use.  A list of the modules and topics for all couples formats can be found here.  Because every couples is unique, a custom treatment plan is developed to help and guide couples to achieve their specific goals.

There are two types of Couples Care Intensives:  Deep Dive and Solid Follow-Through.  Each type has a different structure and is designed for different purposes.  The two types of Couples Care Intensives are described below.  Please contact Dr. Lucking for help deciding which Couples Care Intensive is right for you.

Deep Dive Intensive

Purpose:  Immerse couples into a safe healing space to reconcile the past, acknowledge the present, and build hope for new life in the future.

Structure:  Deep Dive Intensives consist of 3 hour ‘dives’ or blocks of time.  The exact time for these sessions is flexible but usually last between 2.5 and 3 hours.  Breaks are scheduled as needed.  These dives occur over a period of 1 to 3 days (usually a weekend but can be any 1 to 3 days that works for you).  Anywhere from 1 to 5 dives can be planned over the 1 to 3 days.

Content:  Modules from the couples core content based on your specific needs and goals.  All learning materials and psychological assessments included.  Focused Stress Reduction (FSR) training including the HeartMath emWave.

Solid Follow-Through Intensive

Purpose:  Provide follow-through from a Deep Dive Intensive or individual sessions in the form of support and accountability.

Structure:  Daily phone check-ins and activities via a secure mobile app over a period of 3-5 days.

Content:  Follow-up and accountability is the content for this intensive.  These are essential components of moving new information and skills learned to new habits and transformation.

Psychotherapy and Coaching

Psychotherapy and coaching can be life changing.  Contact Dr. Thomas for a free consultation to learn how you can move from your challenges to a path of growth and transformation.

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