Couples Intensives

How important is your marriage, your committed relationship, your family, your social health? Where does your primary relationship fall within your list of priorities in life?

Whether you are just starting or you are decades into a committed relationship, investing in your relationship can make the difference between thriving and surviving, between feeling nourished or feeling drained, between excitement and avoidance. Relationships are central to flourishing in life. Settling for less than your best not only harms you and your partner but those around you – especially children.

Couples intensives integrate therapy and coaching into focused periods of relational growth. No relationship can survive without fundamental skills and commitments. Communication, intimacy, and vision are three of these fundamentals. Don’t do a relationship without them! Why? Because the odds are against committed relationship success. About half of all marriages end in divorce. Of the half that stay together only 17% actually thrive. That’s 8.5% of all relationships which actually thrive. Be prepared for when the romance fades. Invest in your relationship sooner than later. The journey from false intimacy to true intimacy is worth it and not only changes your life for the better but those around you.


Couples intensives can occur in a retreat format or in a more traditional therapy or coaching format:

Retreat – an extended period of time (1 to 3 days) at a location of your choice. Couples can combine this type of intensive with a time of renewal by choosing a vaction destination. This format is helpful as it removes the couple from everyday distractions to focus solely on their relationship.

Traditional – these intensives occur in an office setting over a period of days similar to traditional therapy or coaching. The first meeting consists of a double session. This format is helpful if less disruption is needed for outside commitments.

Fees & Insurance

Health insurance may cover the cost of your retreat. Dr. Thomas can help you with general insurance questions while contacting your insurance provider can give you specific plan benefits for psychotherapy and coaching.

Fees for each type of retreat are listed below. Lodging and travel expenses are additional and dependent upon location and choice of lodging.