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Dr. Thomas Lucking’s new book on social skills is now available here. How to Improve Your Social Skills starts from the beginning: the value of social skills and the benefits of how social skills can profoundly impact your well-being for good. The book then gets very practical with tips on small talk, assertiveness, and empathy. Specific social settings are addressed such as friendship. dating, workplace, and group situations.

Relationships are foundational to our health as a society. For those looking to build relationships from the ground up this book is a great place to start. Dr. Thomas uses this book for those on the Autism spectrum, Neurodiverse couples, and anyone looking to improve emotional intelligence.

Whether it’s your intimate relationship, your family, friends, or your workplace, Dr. Thomas can help. Contact Dr. Thomas for a free consultation to learn more.

Integrative Psychotherapy & Coaching

Whether you are struggling with a behavioral problem, relationship challenge, or want to optimize your life, I believe an integrative treatment is best – mind, body, spirit, social.  I combine this with a therapeutic relationship rooted in empathy, safety, and curiosity.  My decades of experience enables me to bring objectivity, knowledge, and compassion to our task of uncovering your truth and your path to individual and relational health.  I have successfully applied my approach to many problem areas including: couples conflict, parenting, trauma, Asperger’s, addiction, ADD, and spirituality.  My doctoral research helped me develop a special interest in digital addiction.

What makes psychotherapy and coaching effective?  There are several key ingredients inherent in the process of growth for individuals and relationships.  I use quantitative and qualitative assessments to create treatment plans and track progress. This ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of our work.

Whether you struggle with Asperger’s, addiction, ADD, or other challenges I can help.  These conditions have far-reaching effects on relationships, career, and personal well-being.  I work with couples, individuals, and families to create a new path towards healing and growth.  The latest evidence-based integrative practices (learn more here) enable me to deliver psychotherapy and coaching at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.  Click on each item below to learn more about my unique approach and services.  Contact me to schedule a consultation.

Theories, Techniques, & Academic Grounding

As a psychology professor in a Master’s level college program, I stay current with new research.  I use a diverse set of tools to help you achieve your goals – see below.  I would love to help you and your relationships thrive.

  • Psychodynamic
  • Internal Family Systems
  • CBT
  • EMDR
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Biofeedback
  • Experiential
  • Mindfulness
  • Postmodern (Narrative, solution-focused)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Existential and Spiritual
  • Christianity
Aspeger's, Addiction, and ADD Specialist
Asperger’s, addiction, and attention deficit disorders are all on the rise. Estimates from the Center for Disease Control and others estimates that 3.5 million people live with Asperger’s, 21 million people struggle with addiction, and 6 million children ages 4-17 have some form of attention deficit disorder. Of those diagnosed with ADD in childhood about 50 percent continue to be affected into adulthood. Anxiety disorders are much more common in people with ADHD.

Dr. Thomas is an expert on Asperger’s or high functioning autism.  He has successfully worked with many individuals and Neurodiverse couples.  In doing this work Dr. Thomas has created a unique curriculum of educational materials combined with trauma-informed treatment and coaching that adds up to be a powerful model to promote change.  Learn more.

Dr. Thomas understands the addicted brain.  He is on staff at an addiction treatment center and understands the immense challenges when trying to change habits that have reached the level of addiction and dependency.  His doctoral dissertation addressed digital addiction, a widespread problem in our distracted multi-tasking digitally-infused culture.  Learn more.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s research with SPECT brain imaging has identified seven types of attention deficit disorders.  From over-focused ADD to anxious ADD to inattentive ADD and others, there is value in identifying which type of ADD you or your loved one suffers from.  Each type warrants different treatments.  There are pharmaceutical, CAM, and behavioral treatments for ADD.  After a thorough assessment Dr. Thomas works with an integrative health clinic to deliver the most effective and comprehensive treatment for your specific type of ADD.

Multiple Locations & Telehealth
Two office locations are available for appointments – Los Gatos and Santa Cruz, California.  Video (Skype) and phone sessions are additional options for distance therapy and coaching.  Outdoor sessions are also possible when the weather is favorable.  This can be helpful when working with teenagers or people with difficulty focusing.  Walking in nature has a calming effect and stimulates both hemispheres of the brain.  Depression is also aided by movement since “depression hates a moving target.”  Convenience, confidentiality, and therapeutic value are all considered when choosing a location.
Daily Care Psychotherapy & Coaching
A higher level of care and support is available with Daily Care Psychotherapy & Coaching.  This is especially helpful with:

  • Individual, couple, or family crisis
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Coping skills
  • More severe mental health challenges such as complex grief, trauma, and mood disorders
  • Time-bound growth and goals that require regular accountability and support
  • Developing new habits

Treatment and coaching is extended beyond the time allowed for individual and group sessions.  Learn more.

Group Sessions & Education
Dr. Thomas offers online video conference group sessions and community education on topics that relate to his areas of specialty.  Group sessions provide an opportunity for sharing with others who have similar challenges and goals.  The structured nature of these sessions combined with education and personal sharing makes them a powerful adjunct to traditional stand-alone psychotherapy and coaching.  Learn more.
Culture of Feedback
Dr. Thomas leverages common factors research and the tools that have come out of that theory to promote a culture of feedback.  He uses online and in-session feedback tools as well as emphasizing this culture within the therapeutic or coaching process.  Dr. Thomas believes a collaborative, transparent approach offers the best chance for you to reach your goals.  Learn more.


“We struggled for years with therapists that didn’t understand Asperger’s…it is only now that we are getting traction and rebuilding our relationship – thank you Dr. Thomas!”

Life Changing

“We talk about our life before Dr. Lucking vs. after Dr. Lucking.  I certainly did NOT think we would be here.  Thank you Dr. Lucking!”


“Since my partner and I have known each other (about 20 years) I think we’ve never communicated like we did last session.  I believe in synchronicity and people showing up in life at the right time.  Meeting Dr. Lucking has been a moment of synchronicity for us.”

Innovative Tools

“I’m so thrilled that Neurofeedback is helping my child and social activities are improving.  After our last session my partner confessed why he runs away when times get difficult.  When he explained this I realized this was the first time I’ve ever heard so much honesty.  The in-session work we do with Dr. Lucking combined with the support and resources provided outside of session makes all the difference – thank you Dr. Lucking for helping our family!”

Healthy Safe Happy

“Dr. Lucking, I appreciate all that you have done to help our family be healthy and safe and grow in happiness”